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If you have followed our articles on Popunder networks, and you might have wondered, why haven’t you covered a RevenueHits review yet? Calm down, we are just getting started! So, for all of you who asked, here we go, here’s’s review of the ad network Revenuehits!

If you, as a publisher, are looking to earn more revenue from the traffic on your site, an ad network such as Revenuehits is the ideal partner for you. The mentioned network can monetise a variety of properties such as search, websites and toolbars etc.

What makes Revenuehits great as a network, and maybe mostly known as a pop-under network, is their brilliant and advanced optimisation technology. The algorithms they have developed and implemented in their system promising the publisher the best-matched ads and can, in that way, generate the most revenue for the website.

What they do?

In as much as bloggers and webmasters are passionate about writing and sharing their ideas with an audience, they also hope to gain from their blogs. Getting traffic to your blog may not be as easy as it seems. Advertisers too hope to earn from their ads.

Revenuehits will help you create the maximum earnings from your blog or website. According to our guide to Revenuehits, this network provider meets all your needs so that you earn more while enjoying good rates.

How do you join Revenuehits?

Create a placement

You can either go for a mobile or desktop placement. Choose a placement that is more convenient for you and the appropriate size depending on your needs. Give your details and your web page where you want the ads to appear.

Implement tag

Copy and paste your tag code on your site and view it in the preview section before sending it to ensure that there are errors in your code.


Revenuehits has a lot to offer you. Track and analyze different impressions and statistics so that you can choose what suits you best.

How does it work?

Geo-targeted Ad serving technology is used to monitor your digital assets such as toolbars, widgets and search. Working hand in hand with the best financial experts, they ensure that you earn from your website. They help analyze the traffic on your blog and evaluate both display and texts ads so that you can customize your blog with the ads and earn revenue.
Through tracking the location of users, Revenuehits puts up ads according to geographical locations. Using a Cost per Action concept, you earn money according to the actions of your users. The more the traffic, the more you earn. Enjoy payments through conventional methods such as PayPal, Payoneer or wire transfer which are not used in other ad networks such as Google AdSense.


Anti Adblock

There's an option to use an anti adblock solution! This nifty feature can prevent loss of revenue from potential adblocking users coming to your site.

Instant approval

Unlike using other ad networks that can take you months before you get approved, our Revenuehits Review shows that you get approved immediately after applying. Save time and start earning with this ad network while receiving high-quality ads.

Minimum threshold amount

If you are just a beginner with less traffic earning low incomes, the minimum threshold amount allows you to receive your payments early without having to wait until you reach a target of $ 100. It makes it convenient for you and motivates you to get more traffic to your webpage.

Direct payments

With Revenuehits, you will not be asked to pay any extra charges to confirm your pin. Other ad networks discourage publishers by asking for such charges which are unnecessary.


Some Ad networks that we have featured on Adflips, have strict terms and conditions that require you to be constantly active in case you don’t want to get banned. Our research shows that this ad network is not that strict on publishers and advertisers so the risk of getting banned is slim. However, they demand your traffic to be real and quality. No fraud accepted.

No Adult Ads

This network does not allow any adult-themed ads, so you can be sure that your blog or website will not start displaying ads for porn, gambling or any shady stuff.


Unlike other ad networks that take you months before you get approved, this Revenuehits review show that it takes you a few minutes to get approval and start earning from their platform even when you have less traffic

Types of Ads

This ad network exposes you to a wide variety of ads that you can use such as:

Display banner

Different technologies are used to make banners which can be either statistical or animated. Place an ad using a display banner on your webpage so as to attract a greater audience. Revenuehits provides you with display banners of different sizes according to your needs.

Footer Ad

A footer that lies horizontally at the bottom of your webpage makes your ad more visible. Even when an audience scrolls down your page, the banner still remains there increasing the chances for your audience noticing it. You can also include social icons and a search box at the left and ride sides of your footer to allow your audience get more information regarding your ad.


Sometimes as a visitor of your web page flips from one page to the next, an interstitial appears. This comes in a transparent form such that the content behind the banner can be vaguely read but the audience has to click on it for it to disappear.


Sometimes messages that notify the audience through a popunder appear behind the browser window once the user closes the current window.

Competitive rates

The network is well known amongst advertisers as being a network with good quality traffic. This lets you acquire good rates from the ad network.


Revenuehits are flexible when it comes to how you can work together. Their primary earning method is CPA. For high earning publishers there's also CPM payment model.


Wouldn’t you like to have your own personal manager to help you with problems with your web page? Revenuehits review says that this ad network is keen on your needs with a good support centre and a personal account manager to provide you with the necessary guide to make your web page functional. In case you have challenges, you can easily let them know and get instant feedback.

Audience connection

Whether an audience is using a mobile Android or a tablet on your webpage, this ad network ensures that your ads adapt to the size of their screen. They also connect you to millions of visitors on a global level thus increasing income generation.

Numerous advertisers

Lots of advertisers and about 2 billion impressions across the globe makes it an efficient ad network

Quick payments

The minimum threshold amount a publisher needs to accumulate is $20 for PayPal or Payoneer and $500 for wire transfer.


Some ads could be seen as less interactive ads, and do not easily engage visitors to your blog

Final thoughts

Among most ad networks that we have reviewed on Adflips, this review of Revenuehits ad network shows that they are just what you need to earn more revenue for your website or blog! By combining different formats such as XML feeds and widgets, you will be able to generate more traffic and more revenue for your visitors.

World Class Support

We created our platform to be as user-friendly and accessible as possible to every publisher. Even so, we have set up an exhaustive support center and made dedicated account managers available to resolve any issue you might have with our publishing platform.

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