Galaksion review

This time we are looking into one interesting 4 year old! It's time to introduce the global network Galaksion. Galaksion opened up for business in 2014 and grew rapidly straight away. In 2017 they served 18BN ad impressions every month, served 9000 ongoing campaigns every second and offered 157 geos in their buy and sell platform.

Recently the network took the next step in their short history and launched their Self-Service Platform. The new platform was released in December 2017. The platform is currently only available for Publishers. Since the launch in December the Self-Serve is gradually expanding and we haven’t seen the end of the improvements yet.

Global Reach

Signing up with Galaksion

Singing up with the network is a straight forward affair. You receive an automated email after you have entered your details. Once you confirm your email you get access to the account. However, the access is restricted and it will be manually verified. Once your account has been verified you will have access to reports and other stat tabs. You will also be able to see who you have been assigned as an account manager and their contact details.

Active Publisher with Galaksion

Once your account has been approved you are ready to start sending traffic to the network to test their potential. It makes for an easy process when you want to send traffic from your website and you can choose what format suits you the best. Many publishers prefer an additional format to add such as the Pop-Under format. More about the Pop-Under format in our guide. The design of the platform is simple and easy to use. They haven't overdone the design features and kept it simple without making it look old school. When entering you are greeted with the dashboard screen. In the dashboard you can see quick stats like weekly impressions and your earnings. On the left hand side you can see the following tabs:

As a publisher, you will get paid according to their payment terms (below) and on a CPM basis.

Payment terms for Galaksion

Galaksion offers all of the main payment methods available today. These include the following:

One good feature for publishers in need of some quick payments, they offer daily payments!

Flexible payment is a good feature that can come in handy for publishers. Talk to your account manager to agree on what you can do.

Ad Formats

Galaksion network offers a wide range of formats for publishers to monetize their site with. One of the most popular is the Pop-Under format. As we have mentioned previously this format is a great way to add additional revenue to a website. It pays well and doesn't compete with any existing display ads. However, they also offer Banners, Push Ups, In-Stream All-Roll video and notification ads.

Conclusion Galaksion Review

After using Galaksion for a shorter period we are happy to say it's a fully working solution for publishers that want to earn on a CPM basis for their traffic. It's always good to try new solution for your traffic to find the best fit for it, and with a smooth well-developed interface - Galaksion is worth a try!

If you liked this Galaksion review and still haven't signed up with them to try it out - what are you waiting for!

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