Why Pop-Under ads are here to stay



There’s a war going on. And it’s not one visible from the cockpit of a fighter plane. It’s a fight against Pop-Under Ads. In this fight, Google being the Goliath and the Pop Under Ads Networks being David. And the publishers you might ask, what about the publishers? They’ll be fine, of course.

Where there’s traffic, there’s profit. That’s  a fact.

Google are releasing their update called Chrome 64 in February this year and it’s one of their most advanced updates in a while as it features a built-in adblock solution. In Google’s eyes, this is made to protect their users from annoying and intrusive ads. In the eyes of other Ad Networks and the publishers, it might be seen as a way to protect and control their own revenue streams.

Regardless of the purpose, the change is a fact and Google Chrome wants to put an end to auto-playing videos and Pop UnderAads. However, publishers using the Pop-Under format fear not. The majority of the Ad Networks offering the format today says in various statements that they are ready for the update and are able to present workarounds.

For example, the Network Adsterra writes in a statement on their site that they believe in the free internet and present their solution to the new adblock functionality.


“At Adsterra we stand for the publishers’ right to choose what ads to run on their own websites. We have worked hard to find solutions that will allow our publishers to stay in business and retain same profits.”


Another one of the major players in the Ad Network game is the Barcelona based company Exoclick. Their Head of Publishing, Ada Llorca sheds some light on the situation from their point of view.


They are working to get their rotation of ads to comply with the new standards and says in a statement on their website:

“ExoClick has created two additionally labels publishers can block called “Blinking Elements” & “Popunder – Auto-sound” by selecting these along with the “Misleading Elements” label your site will be fully compliant with both the Ad Experience and Abusive Experience Reports”


So at a first sight, these updates can be seen as terrifying for a publisher earning income on the above-mentioned formats. However, with the reassurance from several major Ad Networks there should be no need to fear in losing your additional income stream from Pop Under ads.



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