20 things to know about Solarmovie!

things to know about solarmovie

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We know it might sound a bit odd that should write articles about movie streaming sites.

But there’s actually a good reason for it. We follow the internet trends in general, and advertising trends in particular.

Sites like solarmovie have for several years attracted advertising networks and advertisers as they have a large amount of visitors.

This is the reason why we will cover some of these sites in a few guides here in our Websites and Apps category!

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Advertisers and ad networks have been interested in these kind of sites for years. Not only do they have loads of traffic, due to the nature of the sites, the traffic can be considered to be very cheap.

However, more and more people are starting to use streaming services that is licensed and fully legal. Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu etc.

Now with Amazon Prime and HBO eating in to a big chunk of the market, there has never been so much to choose from!

Continue to read our full guide to why or why you shouldn’t use a site like Solarmovie.

1. It might be illegal

Everyone that has ever visited a  free movie site online have probably at some point wondered, how can it all be free?

As well as, could this be legal? The answer is somewhere in between.

It’s been determined in several countries that it is in fact against the law to upload movies (that you don’t own) and make it public.

However, for people streaming movies online it’s been a bit of a grey zone.

Even though it’s not very clear wheater it is legal or not to stream a movie on for example solarmovie, It has been detirmend in some countries that it is not OK to do so. In Sweden for example, there’s been a few cases of people getting fined for streaming illegally uploaded movies.

If you want to be on the safe side – stay away from streaming sites like these!

illegal streaming

2. Revenue goes to unknown sources 

There’s a lot of money involved in showing copyrighted material.

How is it so? With website traffic comes advertising revenue.

Advertising revenue, as we focus on here on Adflips, can be very lucrative. And when you stream movies on sites like solarmovies, the ad revenue is still paid out, but to who?

3. Tax revenue missing


The same as above goes for the tax income. What country do the people responsible for the site live in?

And where do they pay their taxes? Every income should be taxable in the country you live in, or where your company is based.

In these cases there’s often a lot of shady companies involved, who pay little, or no tax at all.

4. Film makers without income

The film makers, and actors etc, put a lot of investments and time in movie projects.

If the movie is streamed on a site like solarmovie, no money goes back to the film crew.

Would you like to go to work the next day if you aren’t getting paid? Think about how you want it!

5. Movie industry might be suffering 


This is a similar point to the previous one. But in fact, the whole movie industry could be suffering from you streaming movies online on these sites!

When a big production is made, investors go in with money to fund the projects.

They, in their turn, obviously want a return on their investment. If there’s no return on investment, they won’t fund another project anytime soon.

This might be harmful for the whole industry as, without investors, there won’t be more high-quality movies produced.

6. Harmful software

Do you know what kind of software the site uses?

Didn’t think so! When visiting sites like these there might be harmful software running on your computer.

There might even be the kinds of software that can be downloaded to your computer without you as user not even knowing.

Quick facts about solarmovie

Streaming site

Streaming site with different URL’s. Been around for many years

Not legal

In many cases not legal to stream from sites like solarmovies


We don’t recommend using sites such as Solarmovie. It might be tempting but it comes with a risk

7. No age restrictions

When streaming on legal and licensed sites you know what ratings a movie has. If you don’t want your children or underage friends to watch movies not suitable for them.

You should make sure they don’t visit sites such as solarmovies or similar.

8. Movie quality might suffer

This point might just be one of the more important ones if you, like us, are a movie lover. Everyone that has streamed a movie on solarmovie or similar, also know that the quality isn’t the best.

Do you want to watch your favourite movie with lousy quality? We didn’t think so! If you pay a few dollars more, you can surely enjoy that special movie in HD quality, or even Ultra HD.

9. Might be the wrong movie

This is a plain and simple one. What if you have had a suggestion for a great movie, you find it on a streaming site, and you watch it. Only to find out you’ve been watching the wrong movie!

Cause how would you actually know? It might be wrongly labelled so to avoid dissapointment – stay on the safe side.

10. Sound quality might suffer

This one is obvious. As the previous one, do you want to risk having bad quality sound on your movie?

Bad quality audio makes for a bad movie experience. Don’t waste your precious time

sound on solarmovie

11. No subtitles

If you are into movies, but for one reason or the other need subtitles to enjoy it. Look elsewhere, streaming sites like solarmovie or 123movies etc. do no tend to offer subtitles to their uploaded movies.

If you need subtitles when streaming movies online it might not be a good option for you to use solarmovies.

12. Latest movies might not be featured

You can’t guarantee getting latest movies on these sites. But, often in fact, you do get the latest ones!

However, they might be of very very poor quality.

Most of the times it’s really not worth watching a new movie with really bad video quality. Many times the new movies featured are filmed illegally with a cam recorder on a cinema screen.

Not really worth it is it?

13. Slowing your computer down

We covered the possibility of harmful virus or software earlier in this list. This point co-relates to the previous one about just that.

If you happen to get infected with a virus or software from these sites, it might slow your computer down.

It might also slow you computer down just due to fact you are streaming these movies. It takes valuable computer power as they might be heavy files to handle.

14. The movie might be on Netflix

A lot of people today have their own Netflix account. If you are one of them, you should probably check the streaming on demand service out first before streaming your movie.

The quality is probably better, and you don’t risk doing something shady grey zone.

15. All episodes might not be featured

How happy would you be if you were five episodes in to a show you really enjoy, and there’s an episode missing!

You don’t risk ending up missing anything if you stream movies on Netflix or Hulu etc. Streaming on 123movies, solarmovie and gostream for example there might be a risk you are missing out!

16. Annoying ads

This is really the reason you find this list on Adflips. You might find it a bit odd to find a list about a movie streaming site. But trust us, it make sense. The online movie streaming sites have been a valuable source for ad networks for many years.

We have focused a lot on popunder ads on the site, it’s a great format used in the right way. However, this format has been targeted on many of the streaming sites such as the ones we mention in this article. The reason we present guides on online streaming is due to the fact that a lot of the ad revenue for this popunder format goes via these sites.

One problem with these ads on a site like solarmovie is that it might not be used in the correct way. Often the webmaster of the site uses an excessive amount of pop ads on the site. Which causes a lot of annoying interference for the user.

But hey, that might be something you will have to live with should you choose to spend your streaming time on these sites!

solarmovie buffering

17. A movie might be buffering

From one annoying thing to the other! We could surely live without annoying ads, as well as, annoying buffering of films!

When deciding to watch a movie online, you really don’t want it it get interrupted in the middle and having to wait until it buffering! It’s something you risk ending up with when streaming movies online on sites that isn’t official.

18. There might be pornographic content

You might be out looking for adult content, but it might also be your children just wanting to find a good Pixar movie or such. They might be subjected to pornographic content when visiting mainstream movie sites. Even if the movies might not feature adult content, there might be adult ads on the site!

Even though there should normally be a clear difference and divided categories. There might be a chance a movie is wrongfully uploaded and your child ends up watching nonsuitable movies!

19. It’s considered immoral

Would you want to be missing out on revenue for the work you put in?

When streaming movies on illegal movie streaming sites you take the income away for many people involved in that particular movie. This actually makes the process immoral and not a very nice activity to take part in.

20. There’s too much choice

This is our final and last point about Solarmovies and similar sites like gomovies and movie4k etc. There’s just too much choice!

Try to choose one of the hundreds of movies and you might end up going a tiny bit insane!

Because the sites have no cost in acquiring the licenses to show the movies, they are not restricted by any budgets and not stuck for choices to present to you as a watcher!

movies on solarmovies

Conclusion about Solarmovie

There’s definitely a few things to consider when accessing sites like the aforementioned. The reason we write about these types is mentioned in the first section of this article. We don’t recommend using sites like Solarmovies. The better option online today should be considered. We recommend using services like and etc.

If you think we have missed something or have any other feedback please do not hesitate to contact us!

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