New Robot Technology

At we write about a lot of various topics. You have probably noticed our focus on the ad tech business. However, we don’t stop there. You might have seen our series of websites and apps sections? In there we write about all kinds of sites and apps on the market today. Although, proven to be interesting for us and for our readers, obviously!

New Robot Tech

Today we will be looking at a new(ish) technology. It’s actually a technic that’s been around for a long time but it’s in recent times it gained more and more popularity amongst the bigger crowds. What we are talking about is robotic lawn movers. It har nothing to do with the ad tech business, but the technology is really exciting so we just can’t help ourselves.

The Experts

As we aren’t experts ourselves, we caught up with an expert in the area. Rickard from Swedish site They recently started the site in order to guide people through the somewhat advanced purchasing of a new Robotic Lawn Mover. There’s quite a lot to think about when it comes to investing in a new machine. Here’s a few things that the guys gave us as a tip to have in mind.

What model do you need?

There’s a lot of different variations when it comes to machines fixing your lawn. As before mentioned robotics, to manually driven lawn movers, to battery-driven machines. There’s not only robotics for your lawn. We will be listing a few other devices down below. Even though the site mentioned above focuses on only one type of devices, you might be looking for an overall cleaning/maintenance solution for your garden and your home! Then a combined robotic cleaner and lawn cutter assistant robot would have been a great idea right? Maybe we will see one of these multifunctional devices within a near future?

What kind of lawn do you have?

Do you have a hilly or a flat lawn to cut? The experts at have created a guide for you to decide what kind of technology you need. However, even though you might have a hilly garden. A robotic lawn mover might not be that bad for you! The technology behind it is becoming increasingly good. There are not many hills a machine like this can’t overcome.

Other comparable technologies

This technique is not only for your lawn. It’s also widely available for all kinds of housekeeping duties! For example, you got these very popular Robotic Hoovers. The online magazine Tech Radar recently created this guide to buying one.

Other Robotic technologies

  • Welding robot
  • Cleaning robot
  • Personal mobility robot

We love new technologies at Adflips and we would love to hear from you what other tech stuff we could write about!

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