Absolutclick Native Advertising Platform



People are not surprised to see the advertising when surfing the Internet. Main reaction for ads – rejection and annoyance, that’s why programmes for blocking ads are new hottest trends.

But the advertisers have found a way out, when an ad doesn’t look like this way and adopts style, format and other staff on the website you are on. We are talking about native advertising. It’s a new form of a commercial that has a big list of advantages. Try your advertising campaign with native advertising platform called Absolutclick.com

Benefits of native advertising

  • It is non-irritating. Banners and various pop-up ads are almost always closed without a look. here the customer can decide whether he wants or not to study the materials.
  • Potential customer invests no efforts to consume the material. No action is expected from the viewer, but only looking at the ad may be enough for the mind “to photo” the brand or service.
  • Native ads placed in the right location are in a winning position in comparison with obtrusive banners.
  • It is the only currently existing type of ads, where all participants in marketing micro world are in winning position: users take delight in the content, advertisers are sure the advertising of brand or services doesn’t bring negative connotation and publishers are sure their database will not be lost.
  • The more interesting content you create, the more likely it will be shared. Thus, you will have bigger traffic and maybe will catch a new part of the audience.
  • You will involve users of mobile devices. A lot of ads are often removed from mobile screens to comfort mobile users. Native ads are inserted in the content of a website and, in some sense, they are a natural content. So, you will not be cut off.

Native advertising will be of the most use when gives a potential customer really interesting and useful information without interruption and imposing.

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