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If you’ve decided to open your own webshop, your first step would naturally be to acquire traffic to that site. However, that is much easier said than done. Although, there are some ways to do it, and it’s not all a costly story.


  • Buy traffic from ad networks; Popunder, Push Notification, Standard Display, Native
  • Promote your site on Social Media
  • Target keywords in articles
  • Guest blog

In this article we will use an  e-commerce site as an example., a webshop that sells kitchen wall art and runs traditional ads to acquire traffic.

It’s just not about getting traffic to your site, it’s also a matter of getting the right kind of traffic, and traffic that eventually converts into a sale. The vegetable poster site has also targeted the right kind of keywords for their site such as vegan gift ideas, kitchen posters etc.

Traditional Media

Just this category of ads for ecommerce is particularly interesting to look at. Take as an example the interior design and lifestyle magazine Elle Decor.

Elle is a traditional paper magazine about design and decor (not just for kitchen art). What they have done is to succeed online as well. Not only have they run succesful ad campaigns, but mainly targeting great relevant keywords and a big social media presence.

When investigating the subject further, we can see that a lot of websites brings up the science of getting traffic to your website. The popular SEO website Wordstream lists 25 things you can do to gain more traffic.


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Wordstream 2018


Ads for ecommerce 2018

If you want relevant converting traffic for your E commerce website in 2018 you should take a look at targeting keywords on Google Adwords. Run display ads in any of the big ad networks 

or try to reach for organic keywords on Google. Perhaps adding a blog to your webshop so you can more freely add great content!



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